Vincent B. Boianelli, Broker

More Than Just Another Employee Benefit Consultant

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Meet Vincent B. Boianelli

Vincent B. Boianelli is a 2001 graduate of William Patterson University with a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration and economics. Vincent began working for Pinnacle while still a high school student and learned the basics of the employee benefits and group health insurance business from his father, Vince Sr. He joined Pinnacle on a full time basis immediately upon graduating in 2001.To date, he has more than 20 years of experience with over 500 clients.

Vince's passion for employee benefits and lengthy record of insurance industry experience provides him with the insight, skills and determination to solve even the most difficult employee benefit dilemmas.  Recognizing that no one approach is the right approach for every situation, his method involves thorough reviews, diligent research and an organized, well thought out, customized strategy 

Vince also has a complete grasp of all aspects of Medicare and the Medicare Supplement and Part D Market.

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Read our health care reform bulletins to gain an understanding on how recent legislation affects your benefits program.

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If you are a business owner with 100 or more employees at the beginning of a plan year, you may be required to file an annual report with the Department of Labor/IRS. This “Form 5500” contains information about the plan and includes disclosure of all commissions and fees received by those who provide services to insured plans. Failure to file these forms by the required deadlines could result in substantial penalties.